SISD Board of Trustees Adopts Surplus Budget

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SISD Board of Trustees Adopts Surplus Budget

On August 31, 2021, the Sweeny ISD Board of Trustees voted to adopt a surplus budget of $85,111 for the general fund.  This budget is based on a 5% of midpoint raise for all staff which was approved by the Board of Trustees earlier this summer.  This year’s surplus will add to the District’s Fund Balance which is currently $16,675,337, of which $6.3 million is committed by the Board of Trustees for unexpected emergencies such as COVID-19 expenditures, capital projects, state funding reductions, insurance deductibles, and/or disaster recovery.

The District has $3.9 million in revenue expected in 2021-2022 related to Chapter 313 value limitation agreements.  A portion is coming from revenue protection payments, which were designed to offset any loss of state aid resulting from value limitation agreements. The remainder is from supplemental payments, which are capped at $100 per student per year of the agreement. “These partnerships have been of great benefit to the District, as the supplemental payments are not subject to recapture and can be used without restriction,” according to Chief Financial Officer, Amy Carter. 

“Our Board of Trustees recognizes the difficulties our teachers have faced during the pandemic and the constant demand of ensuring learning recovery. Our teachers and staff have worked tirelessly and we want to be sure that they feel appreciated with the 5% raise,” Board President Earl Mathis.  

This budget also maximizes the use of $5,500,000 of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) grant funds which have been awarded to Sweeny ISD for student learning recovery over the next three years.  The ESSER Relief Fund is just one way the U.S. government has stepped in to support schools throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Sweeny ISD, these funds are being used to provide additional student academic, social, and emotional support.  Allowable ESSER expenses include hiring new staff, maintaining current staffing ratios, and implementing health/safety protocols.  

According to Dr. Tory C. Hill, Sweeny ISD Superintendent, “Sweeny ISD strives to ensure that the needs of every student and staff member are met in order to support high levels of engagement and improve performance outcomes.  Although enrollment is down compared to pre-COVID numbers, the ESSER funds have allowed our District to maintain Pre-COVID staffing ratios, add technology resources for all students, and enhance learning support through grant-funded general education and special programs staff.”