Dr. Tory C. Hill
Sweeny ISD Superintendent

Amy Pope
Assistant Superintendent

 James Schumann
Chief Financial Officer

Amye Kibodeaux
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Betty Bartness

Bianca Cunningham
Payroll & Benefits

Charolet Kremmer
Executive Director of Teaching & Learning

Kacie Fuchs

PEIMS Coordinator

Diane McNeil
Transportation Coordinator

Anjelica Jimenez
Child Nutrition Assistant

Rachel Stevenson
District ARD Facilitator

Amber Stowers
Coordinator for Academic Services and Instructional Technology

Les Kluttz
Bond Program Manager

Mark Manley
Director of CTE

Michael Heinroth
Director of Administrative and Innovative Services

Rhonda Alexander
Administrative Assistant to SpEd

Sandy Vandaveer
Director of Special Programs

Shelley Rowlett
HR Specialist

Stacey Campbell
Network Administrator
Technology Operations Coordinator

Tanya Edwards
Director of Child Nutrition

 Tena Azbell
Special Programs

Terrie Smothers
Accounts Payable