Sweeny ISD Police Department

Sweeny ISD Police Department

In 2019, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 11 which requires each district to form a school safety and security team with representation from local law enforcement, the superintendent, and the School Board President. SB 11 also requires campus-based emergency response teams comprised of diverse staff at that campus. 

 “Sweeny ISD is fortunate to partner with city, county, regional, and state leaders for ongoing collaboration regarding the safety of students and staff.  These partnerships allow the District to continuously reflect and enhance our safety processes” says Dr. Tory C. Hill, Sweeny ISD Superintendent. 

 Sweeny ISD utilized the allotment from Senate Bill 11 that provides school districts with funding to pay for additional officers.  The District hired one additional full time officer giving SISD a total of three full time officers.  Along with this funding, Sweeny ISD has also started a reserve officer program which allows the District to provide security without additional costs to the district. 

 Flexibility in funding created by SB 11 also allowed for the purchase of district police vehicles from bond funds.  Sweeny ISD Police Department has received three 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Patrol Vehicles.  The new fleet of vehicles will replace the 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis that currently serves the department.  The vehicles are part of several enhancements for the Sweeny ISD Police Department. Other enhancements include new uniforms, modern safety equipment, and radios that allow critical communication with outside agencies.

 The mission of the Sweeny ISD Police Department is to create a safe and secure educational environment for students, faculty, and staff alike through a resilient police presence and an intentional interaction with the entire Sweeny ISD family. 

 “I am honored to serve the students, staff and parents of Sweeny ISD.  These vital enhancements to the police department will provide more security and visibility at our schools and events,” said Sweeny ISD Police Chief Marcus Way.

 Sweeny ISD is appreciative of partnerships with local agencies including the City of Sweeny Police Department, Sweeny Community Hospital EMS, Brazoria county Sheriff’s Office and Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, City of Sweeny, local churches, and the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

 Chief Way said, “We are working diligently to ensure all crisis response protocols are in place and those agencies who support us are involved in the planning and have the information needed to assist when called upon.”

 “Providing for the safety of students and staff is our number one priority.  SB11, in addition to the safety, health, and wellness components associated with current facility renovations, will allow the District to continue to provide an active security presence and safe learning environment for each Sweeny ISD student and staff member,” says Dr. Tory C. Hill, Sweeny ISD Superintendent.