Sweeny Connected Virtual Learning Information

Sweeny Connected Virtual Learning Information
Posted on 03/22/2020

Online learning begins:  Monday, March 23, 2020

ClassLink (a place for instructional apps to live.  Students log into each app once, they will NOT need to have their username and password again for future log ins. Teachers will send you username and passwords for any apps they may use in their classes.  You will see multiple apps that are used district wide but may not apply to your student) START HERE EVERY DAY! THIS IS THE GATEWAY TO YOUR ONLINE LEARNING RESOURCES

Canvas (teachers will use this Learning Management System to post assignments, tests, videos, have discussions, etc) ONCE IN CLASSLINK - CHECK THIS APP EVERY DAY FOR COMMUNICATION FROM TEACHERS


Zoom (a place where students will be able to meet virtually with their teachers)  

To access Canvas on an iPad:

  1. Open the ClassLink App or download if it is not a school issued iPad
  2. Hit small blue icon to open your camera
  3. Scan your QuickCard QR code (received in the mail)
  4. Apps will appear - choose Canvas for iPad
  5. Log in using your mysweenyisd.org email (bottom of the QuickCard) and password

To access Canvas on Desktop/laptop:

  1. www.sweenyisd.org  
  2. Students tab 
  3. ClassLink 
  4. If device has a camera - click the circle (or sign in using) and scan the QuickCard
  5. If no camera, click sign in with Google and mysweenyisd.org email and password (bottom of the QuickCard)
  6. Click on the Canvas app  

Canvas Parent Log in:  if you would like to observe your students grades, your student will need to retrieve a code.

  1. Student will need to go to account 
  2. Click on Settings
  3. On the right side click on Pair With Observer
  4. Write down the code
  5. Go to https://sweeny.instructure.com/login/canv
  6. Click on top right link  (Parent of a Canvas user?  Click here for an account)
  7. Fill in information

To access Zoom on school iPad: the app has been pushed to your iPad (not ClassLink).  When you open the app you will join a meeting and enter the Meeting ID given to you by your teacher. (restart iPad if any issues)  

To access Zoom on a Desktop/laptop: Click on the link your teacher provides and and it will take you through the process of joining. Enter the meeting ID provided by your teacher and join the meeting.


If you are having problems with your school issued technology, learning resources, or accessing the internet, please send your questions to the support email or call the phone hotline.  

Virtual learning websitewww.sweenyisd.org Students tab - Sweeny Connected Virtual Learning Resources

Virtual support emailsweenyconnected@sweenyisd.org 

Virtual support phone hotline:  (979) 417-2497 (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. M - F) after 4:00 p.m. leave a voicemail


****Passwords have been reset for PK-3rd grade students (check your email).  4th and 5th grade students should know their passwords - if they do not please email their teacher.  Secondary students who do not know their password should email the Virtual support email.