New Student Virtual Enrollment

New Student Virtual Enrollment Procedures
Posted on 04/20/2020
student enrollment

Step 1:  Parents fill out online registration as a new student (link is under the registration tab on district website)

Step 2:  Parents will upload documents needed to complete registration to the district according to documents needed in the SAAH. (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Proof of Residency, Shot Record, Photo ID of Parent/Guardian, Any documentation of Guardianship)

Step 3:  Once enrolled, Mrs. Phillips will conduct a phone interview with the parent to discuss any special circumstances.

Step 4:  Mrs. Phillips will request records from district (via TReX) the student was enrolled in prior to enrollment at SISD.

Step 5: Campus techs will create Google email for students and share that with counselors prior to call with student and parents.

Step 6:  Counselors contact parent/student to decide what classes to enroll the student in

Step 7:  Once enrolled in classes in Skyward, Counselors will contact the teachers regarding the new student.

Step 8:  Technology department will  contact student/parent to answer any questions student/parent may have on how to access classes in canvas or set up delivery of any technology the student/parent may need.