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Open enrollment in Sweeny ISD

Sweeny ISD is an open enrollment school district, welcoming students who live outside its boundaries to take advantage of small schools and personalized learning without paying tuition.

How is that possible?  SISD's tax base qualifies it as a Chapter 41 district that is required to send a portion of local tax revenue to the State of Texas in a process known as "recapture."  As a result, a portion of local tax revenue (approximately 33 cents of each $1) must be redistributed to other school districts.

One of the best ways to keep local funds local is to increase the number of students who attend Sweeny schools.  And when a district offers superior learning in a warm, hometown setting, open enrollment is a win-win for parents and students --no matter where they live.

how to apply

Sweeny ISD Out-of-District Transfer Request (2019-2020) - Currently Enrolled or Kindergarten or Pre-K

Sweeny ISD Out-of-District Transfer Request - New to District

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