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How to put in a Technology Work Order


Here are the ten basic habits you should adopt to help keep your cyber world secure.

  1. Keep operating systems and application software up to date.
  2. Install and regularly update anti-virus and firewall protection on all computers.
  3. Set your browser to use medium or high security settings and to automatically install updates.
  4. Turn on the pop-up blocker.
  5. If you use social media, don’t share your full e-mail contact list – it could lead to you and your contacts receiving spam and phishing e-mails.
  6. Use social media privacy controls to limit who can see your online profile and posts.
  7. When using a wireless router device, follow the owner’s manual to securely set up your wireless network.
  8. Create secure passwords, at least eight characters long, that use a combination of letters (upper and lowercase), special characters, numbers and punctuation.
  9. Create passwords that are easy for you to remember and difficult for cybercriminals to decipher, but never your Social Security Number, phone number, bank account or other numbers that could help an identity thief.
  10. Stay up-to-date on cyber-security information.


Contact Information

Stacey Campbell  
Technology Operations
Network Administrator

Sweeny Independent School District

Amber Stowers 
Coordinator for Academic Services and Instructional Technology
Sweeny Indepenent School District

LaGayla Harris 
Technology Operations Specialist
Sweeny High School

Marilyn Swanner 
Technology Operations Specialist
Sweeny Junior High School

Kevin Atkinson 
Technology Operations Specialist
Sweeny Elementary School

Korinne Branch 
Technology  Operations Specialist
Sweeny Elementary School


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