School Board Elections Update

School Board Elections Update
Posted on 04/03/2020

Pursuant to a proclamation issued by Governor Greg Abbott, all political subdivisions holding general or special elections on May 2, 2020 will postpone their election to the November 3, 2020 uniform election date.  The Sweeny ISD Board of Trustees met at 12noon today, April 2, 2020 to approve an order including the following:

1.       The Board of Trustees of Sweeny Independent School District hereby postpones the election currently scheduled for May 2, 2020, to now be held on November 3, 2020;

2.       All current candidate filings for the May election will remain valid for the November election, and the filing period for candidates will not re-open before the November election date;

3.       Any eligible mail-in ballots remain valid for the November election;

4.       This is a one-time change, and so the terms of office for the board members elected on the November election date will be shortened terms;

5.       The deadline to register to vote shall be October 5, 2020, the last day to apply for a ballot by mail shall be October 23, 2020, completed ballots by mail must be received by November 3, 2020 at 7:00 p.m., and early voting by personal appearance shall be from October 19-30, 2020; and

6.       The Board shall meet on or before August 17, 2020 to make any necessary revisions to the order of election.


Under Article XVI section 17 of the Texas Constitution, the board members who were scheduled to be up for election on the May date will continue to exercise their duties in the role until receiving the results of the November uniform election date.